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Apple HomePod: Apple’s Move Towards Smart Speakers
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Apple HomePod: Apple’s Move Towards Smart Speakers

Like Amazon and Google, Apple also have its smart speaker, which it launched in the market over a year or so. With beautiful models of iPhones, iPad, new-gen AirPods, and Apple Watch, Apple is already at its peak. Now with HomePod, Apple is trying its hands on over these smart speakers. These smart speakers offer high-fidelity sound and amazing user experience.  What is this smart speaker all about? What features does it offer? There is a lot more to know about Apple Homepod.

Apple HomePod - Anew Sound of Home

Apple HomePod Highlights:

Apple HomePod was announced in 2017 and since 2018, it is available in the USA and soon will be availablein India too. The date is not yet revealed, but we expect it to happen later this year. Currently, HomePod is available in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. Apple HomePod can be a lot more than we are expecting from this smart speaker.

‘On 29th January, 2020 Apple HomePod smart speaker with Siri launched in India with a hefty price tag’ – Business Insider.

‘Apple soon will start selling it in India at a price INR 19,990’- Mashable.

Apple is entering new countries to sell HomePod and before India, it was made available in Japan last year.

Is Apple HomePod Worth It?

Apple HomePod was launched with a tagline ‘The new sound of home’. It is a smart speaker that adapts its location and delivers high-fidelity audio based on the location it’s playing in. HomePod works efficiently with Apple Music and Siri. Bringing such a device home gives you entirely a new way to discover and interact with music at your home. Despite its high price,  it has numerous features that will let you choose it over other smart speakers. Especially for Apple lovers, this device is beyond expectations. Apple has focused more on user’s privacy and security, and if you are concerned about the same then, this AI speakers meet your expectations.

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What Music App Can You Use To Play Music On HomePod?

Apple HomePod only works with iPhones and iPads, which is a bit of a downfall. To access HomePod, you need to have at least an iPhone 6S or newer and for iPad users, the variant should be iPad Pro, iPad 5th Generation, iPad Air 2 or later, and iPad Mini 4 or later with iPadOS. You can stream through Apple Music. If you don’t have a subscription, you can stream audio through more sources like Spotify, Books and MLB with AirPlay. You can also listen live to local radio stations i.e. iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. You only have to ask Siri, and you’re done.

Is Apple HomePod a Better Choice Than Amazon Alexa and Google Home?

Well, the choice may vary from user to user. But there are certain things that make Apple HomePod a better choice than Alexa and Home at certain points or vice versa. But, what makes Apple HomePod a better AI speaker is its privacy. As of now, no rumors of privacy breach have been heard and we expect the same from Apple.

Apple HomePod has some limitations that make it hard for it to strive and stand ahead of other smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Apart from many advantages, Apple HomePod limitations follow- its higher price, no Bluetooth compatibility, only compatible with Apple devices and available  with AirPlay music streaming services. While Google Home and Amazon Alexa are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, works with music streaming services and also has Bluetooth connectivity feature. Secondly, these two devices are far more affordable than Apple HomePod.

All these devices have their own pros and cons, making them able to compete in the market with other AI speakers. For people who truly love music and is a true Apple lover, Apple HomePod is a right choice to make with high-fidelity audio and smart Siri integration.

Wrapping Up

With a number of companies introducing smart speakers with AI integration, what do you think makes Apple HomePod distinct from other devices? Why would you pay a higher price to get more or less the same features available in other devices in the market? There are many questions swirling my mind. Let’s wait for its response in the Indian market too. Till then, we are welcoming all your thoughts on Apple HomePod. Share them in the comments section below.

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