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All You Can Know About Zero Day Exploit And Vulnerabilities
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All You Can Know About Zero Day Exploit And Vulnerabilities

What is zero-day exploit?

Zero-Day exploit refers to the exploitation hardware or software that is hidden from the developers and manufacturers. Zero-Day exploit takes advantage of Zero-Day vulnerability present in various computer applications.

Zero-Day vulnerability is a flaw in a security system which manufacturers are unaware of. This vulnerability is used by attackers to install malicious program on to a system and steal all kinds of important information.

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How to identify zero-day vulnerability and exploits?

If it is a zero-day vulnerability and exploit, then you are unaware of it. If you recognize a vulnerability and exploit then it is not considered as zero-day. Zero-day attack is a serious threat as that can go unmonitored for a very long time. However, you can still use good security products that detect malicious behavior and keep you informed about them.

How to fix it?

Vulnerabilities and exploits in the software are fixed by developers and manufacturer. Once these vulnerabilities and exploits are fixed they will release updates for the software, which will contain patches to fix these issues.

When an update is released, users will be notified about it and then it’s up to the user to install it or not. Therefore, it is always recommended to set the software on auto update so that security patches can easily be installed.

Once vulnerabilities and exploits are fixed they are not anymore called Zero-day Vulnerabilities and exploits.

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How to protect yourself from it?

Zero-day attacks are the attacks that rely on the exploits and vulnerabilities which developers are unaware off.  However, you can take some safety measures to get your system secure and be safe from the attacks.

  • Always keep a good security software installed on your system.
  • Do not open attachments from suspicious emails.
  • Keep all your software installed on your machine updated.
  • Keep OS of your system always updated.
  • Do not download any software from untrusted sources.

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Zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities are a serious threat to our system and data security. Attackers take advantages of exploits and vulnerabilities to deploy malwares and other malicious programs. These malwares and program steal all the important information which users store or enter on their system and could also corrupt data. Hijacked information will then be sent to the attackers where they are used for nefarious purposes. We should take necessary steps to safeguard yourself from these attacks.

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