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How to Delete Mac Adware Cleaner from Mac OS X
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How to Delete Mac Adware Cleaner from Mac OS X

Troubled by annoying “Recommended Download” pop-ups from Mac Adware Cleaner? If yes, then it’s time to check your Mac for malware. These intrusive pop-ups appear mostly while you browse. They ask user to “Install Mac Adware Cleaner now to protect your Mac device from malware, adware and other security threats.”

It’s a trap! Once you click on Install Now, a malicious software is downloaded into your Mac and it infects your Mac. Therefore, it is recommended not to fall for such messages and beware of such pop up messages.Delete Mac Adware Cleaner

In this article we will explain how to delete Mac Adware Cleaner from Mac.

Steps to remove Mac Adware Cleaner popup messages

These steps will help you in deleting the malicious program. Follow them step by step to  successfully get rid of them.

  • As shown on the screenshot below click on Go followed by Utilitiesfolder.remove Mac Adware Cleaner popup messages
  • In the new window look for Activity Monitor.Double-click on it to open.remove Mac Adware Cleaner popup messages
  • In the list under Activity Monitor select Advanced Mac Cleaner entry and click Quit Processremove Mac Adware Cleaner popup messages
  • In the confirmation window, which appears select Force Quit to forcibly quit the Advanced Mac Cleanerprocess.
  • You need to click on the Gobutton again and select Applicationsfrom the list. Search for Advanced Mac Cleaner, right-click on it and choose Move to Trash. If you are asked to provide user password, enter it.
  • Click on the Apple Menu. In the options given choose, System Preferences.remove Mac Adware Cleaner popup messages
  • From here select Accountsand click on the Login Items tab. You will now be able to see a list of items that launch at startup. Find Advanced Mac Cleanerand click on the “” button. Refer to the screenshot below:
    remove Mac Adware Cleaner popup messages
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Restore to default settings

Mac Adware Cleaner also makes changes to browser settings. To restore its default values, follow the steps below:

1. Restore Safari settings

  • Open Safari and go to the Safari menu. In the drop down click on Reset Safari.
  • Select all the options in the list and click on Reset button

This way all the changed settings will be restored to default and you can get rid of Mac adware cleaner from the Safari browser.

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2. Restore Google Chrome settings

  • Launch Chrome browser and click on the Customize and Control Google Chromemenu icon.
  • Select Optionsfrom the new window which appears.
  • Click on Under the Hoodfollowed by Reset to defaultsbutton.Restore Google Chrome settings

This way all the default settings of Chrome will be restored and you will be able to remove Mac Adware Cleaner

3. Restore Mozilla Firefox settings

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox and select Help “?”.
  • From the list choose Troubleshooting Information.
  • In the page that opens click on Reset Firefoxbutton.Restore Google Chrome settings

This way all the changed settings will be restored to default.

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These simple steps will help you restore default browser settings and get rid of Mac Adware Cleaner on Mac OS. Many apps are also available which help remove such malicious apps. You can use any of these specified mehods to make your Mac, infection free.

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