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2019 May Have Malware In Every Device Says McAfee
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2019 May Have Malware In Every Device Says McAfee

McAfee has recently revealed a Mobile Threat Report that discloses some startling revelations about 2018. Moreover, the same report has also predicted some unsettling predictions about the malware attacks, which may occur in the year 2019.

According to the reports by computer security software organizations in TechRadar, the number of cases against IoT (Internet of Things) devices and mobile instruments increased drastically in 2018. The report consists of threats addressing various sectors like banking, fake crypto mining apps, mobile backdoors and even development of fake apps to deceive users.


What does the Report Reveal?

McAfee in its 2019 Mobile Threat Report says that, “a 2x increase” from June to September 2018. Banking Trojans are essentially malware that looks like a legitimate banking app in order to steal customers’ sensitive financial information. The report also notes that the functionality of this type of malware is growing more sophisticated and can also include things like “keylogging and other spyware jobs.

While discussing the fake apps, it is important to know that the malicious crypto mining apps have also increased. There have been more than 600 malicious crypto apps that were detected among 20 different app stores.

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One of the biggest sources of malware is the fake apps, for which the development has surged up to 550% from June where it was 10000 fake apps to December 18, where it crossed 65000 fake apps over multiple stores. The fake apps market has risen significantly in the past few months. Fake app is a type of mobile malware, where the app imposters to be a genuine one to get installed on a user’s mobile without being reviewed. Once there, the app then shows irrelevant apps to generate revenue. Moreover, it may also make you download more such apps, which you may think are genuine.


Now that the year 2018 was full of malware attacks, McAfee offered up a worrisome prediction for 2019. Or, you can call the year 2019 “year of everywhere malware”. This not only makes the tech world scary but also warns about your privacy over the internet. With a tagline like this, you may expect malware attack from almost every other device, even the fancy smart speaker that you’ve recently bought.

Which Devices are More likely to be Affected?

McAfee warns about almost every device to have malware in 2019, you must be cautious while using IoT devices and gadgets. The Internet of Things gadgets have recently caught attention of hackers due to the recent spike in popularity. With more than 25 million smart speakers and voice assistance sold, hackers are leaving no stone unturned to get the maximum out of it. Moreover, these devices are too new to be worked upon and have more chances of having undetected security loopholes, which is what hackers want.

Overall, when a popular antivirus developer warns you about forthcoming risks, they are better taken seriously. It is important that you pay extra attention to the IoT devices that you’ve got at home like smart speakers, voice assistants etc. While you’re online, ensure that you’ve got a dedicated antimalware program running on your machine. You may download Advanced System Protector, one of the best antimalware software to avoid any security risk. If you wish to share some tricks to defeat malware, do let us know in the comments below.

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