12 signs your system has Malware infection

12 signs your system has Malware infection

Machines are complicated, they don’t always behave the way we want them to. Technological advancement is making them more complex and vulnerable to attacks. Even when you follow all basic rules of system security, you may experience an unexpected behavior caused due to virus attack. Just so you know, even a new machine can be infected as compared to an old machine.The malware can knock out your machine any day. But how will you know when that happens? In this article, we will explain to you 12 most common signs that indicate your system is infected.

your system has Malware infection

1. Your Machine Starts Speaking to You

Suddenly you have start to receive unwanted pop up messages on your desktop offering to fix virus or telling you that your machine is infected. This is an alarm and a sure fire that your machine is infected. Your system is either infected by a spyware, or a rogueware.

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2. Your Digital Device is Running Slow

This can be caused due to many reasons, including some virus attacks. But, if you experience this behavior without any heavy applications running on your machine, it may be infected. This happens as virus or worms may be running some process that is taking up lot of system resources resulting in a slow machine.

3. Applications Won’t Launch

You are trying to launch an application but nothing is happening, instead some other program opens? This can be caused due to some malicious code running on your machine that has hijacked the application that you are trying to run.

Applications Won't Launch

4. Unable to Connect to The Internet.

We all take loss of internet connection lightly as we connect it with a problem at service providers end or router. But this is not always true, it has been noticed that malware attacks make it impossible for you to use Internet and even affect the connection speed. So, if you face such a problem rather than assuming anything contact your service provider and check your system thoroughly for infection (if any).

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5. Browser is Getting Redirected

If you are searching for Google and get redirected to another site you need to worry, as this is a sure sign of infection. Most of the threats are designed to redirect traffic to malicious sites without user’s consent. This is done to download a malicious code and infect more machines.

6. Unable to Access Data

Some threats which performs such a job, either encrypt or move the data from one place to another making it impossible for the user to find it. If you are in such a situation, you need to worry as your machine can be infected with a serious threat.

Unable to Access Data

7. Machine is Uncontrollable

If your computer starts acting on its own, like sending out mails without your interference or opens webpages it is a sign that your system is compromised by malware.

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8. Receive Creepy Messages From Unknown App

Sending out fake security programs is a profitable business. Cyber criminals use deceiving techniques to get fake programs installed on the system by showing scary warning messages.  Users fall for these gimmicks and once they install the program to fix the issue they are asked to pay. If you receive any such messages don’t fall for it. Also get your machine checked as there is a possibility that it is compromised.

9. Encounter Shady Posts on Social Accounts

Malware usually targets Facebook and other popular social media sites to spread infection by posting fake messages. If you see any seditious or anonymous post on your social account, beware. It can mean that your account and system both are infected.

10. Low Disk Space

If your systems physical disk space is filling up rapidly, you need to worry. As this can be due to malware on your system which is taking up the hard disk space eventually causing your system to crash.

Low Disk Space

11. New Homepage and Browser Extension

Has your homepage been changed and you don’t remember doing it? Do you see browser extension enabled and a new toolbar in your web browser? Are you being redirected to other sites? This happens when your device is infected by some unknown program that can be a malware or any other threat.

12. Antivirus is Disabled

If you notice that the security program or firewall has stopped working, take this matter seriously. Some type of malware is designed to leave your system defenseless and open unguarded gates for malicious code to attack.

Antivirus is Disabled

How to Stay Protected?

Having a knowledge about infection and how they work is a key to stay protected. We live in a complex world which is always connected that makes security even more important. Just by installing a security software you cannot think you are protected and forget about the wandering threats. You should understand how malware works, how it gets into your system and what you can do to stay protected.

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